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In this way, there are various difference between the Orrient and the Occident. These differences sometimes cause war and discrimination. However, modern world has full of diversity and possible to have communication with different cultures. We think this is because of the difference. For example, European countries made idea of "science" by repeating success and failure and they are always on the top of the world by developing new technologies. On the other hand, the Eastern countries made unique culture having no equal by trying to reach "extreme". If there were only one culture, we think any of wonderful technologies that support modern world could not able to exist. The difference of the West and the East should never expressed by superiority and inferiority. Both the West and the East have different value, both good point and bad point are existing. The essence of the word "diversity" is "difference". You can meet with new possibility because we are all have differences. We think balanced world that not inclining to one side is the shape the world should be. When communicating with other cultures, differences must be exist. Understanding the differences each other make stress flee relationship and trust.

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