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Today, most of the politic concepts such as democracy and monocracy, were born from the West and spread out to the world. It is thought that this is because it does, Western civilization "escalates" in the background that Western civilization spread out in the world in this way with essence.

One reason is the geographical point. The grounds in Occident are flat, and the climate is dry. These bring big influence for agriculture. Most of plants like climates of high temperature and humidity, and the wheat lived mainly on in the West is one. In addition, I was not able to miss securing of stable water because the then agriculture made farmland by irrigation (irrigation). However, because there was much level ground in the West, a big river did not exist and it was stable and was not able to secure a large quantity of water in the inland. From these factors, it may be said that the West is the land which is not suitable for agriculture. The food is essential to the development of the country. In the Western land which is unsuitable for producing the food of the civilization obtain other land to develop it; and of the food amount of production there was improving it. As a result, the country with the high armaments invades other countries, and it is thought that "an empire" enlarging the territory was created. In addition, I came to go into Asia and South America for resources as well as food the Middle Ages later.

On the other hand, in Oriental civilization, it was not necessary for the people to worry about the food by the climate of existence and the high temperature and humidity of the Yellow River and the big river such as the Chang Jiang. The people stayed around a big river and formed a country and developed the civilization under abundant food. Because I was suitable for food production blessed with geographical environment, I come to put weight in being full of one than moving in Oriental civilization, and it is thought that it was with essence of the civilization "to deepen".


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