TOPEssential DiffrencesThinking of "Forest" and "Desert"

East and West has a completely different way of thinking. The one's in the East are called "The thinking of Forest", and the one's in the west are called "The thinking of Desert". The difference of these two thinkings have been established in the culture until today, and has great effect on religions as well.

Forests are warm and humid, so there are plenty of food and resources. You wouldn't have have much problems to "live" in the environment, Therefor, it is important to think about your decisions carefully, rather than making making the decisions quickly. In "The thinking of Forest", The process has a higher priority than the result. Eastern regions have a warm and humid weather; China has a massive river such as The yellow river and the Changjiang, so this region is similar to the forests. Therefore, "the thinking of forests" has filtered into the eastern people's mind.

Deserts are dry and rarely have food or relyable resources. If you take the wrong choice it can lead to an irreparable mistake.It is hard to just "live" in the deserts, and also you don't have any time to think through the desitions carefully for this, it is always important to choose the right desisions fast, and start moving as quickly as possible. This way of thinking is called "The thinking of Desert". In the west, there are a lot of dry flat land without any large rivers. These regions could be said that it is similar to the deserts. Therefore, the "thinking of desert" has filtered into the westerns until today.

Although, in reality, these two elements frequently live together, especially these days, there are a lot of cases where these two keep balance to each other. Even if these two opposite ways of thinking was brought by the difference of the environment, nowadays it is important to understand both nature without leaning on to one side.


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