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East and West both have worship houses as an outcome of religion. Religion had an important role in people's life, and has been supporting people's emotions throughout the world. After the middle ages, gothic style church has been made in the West. The merits of the gothic architecture are the gorgeousness of the church and the height of the buildings. Because of these merits, the churches became a large architect that took part as the symbol in the western's mind.

In the West, churches have been the center of the city. This is to make a variety of roads that ends up going to the church, for people to recognize the church directly. Also, by this city planning, the church became a stable symbol of the city, even though the city expanded afterwards. Thus, the cities in the west were able to expand their city easily.

In the East, temples were their worship houses, but not like the churches in the west, it didn’t become a center symbol of the city. In fact, Eastern regions tend to build the temple after the city is mostly done, so there is a case where there are number of different temples in the same city. “The thinking of Forests” has made a great influence on why the Eastern took this style of city planning. Eastern people did not have the need of recognizing their religious symbol directly, but regarded the fact that there is a temple in the city, important.


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