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In this page, we define about agreements both western and eastern countries have made for economic development.

In Europe, there is a community called European Union (EU). Between the member nations, they have agreements for economic development. Between the member nations, no passports are needed, and unified currency is available. The origin of EU is European integration proposed while WWⅡ. However, this idea was rejected because UK and Soviet Union had wars. After the war, the idea of European integration got attentions because economies and industries of Europe have declined by wars. In 1952, the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), the parent of EU, have been established. After that, they united the European Economic Community (EEC) and European Atomic Community (Euratom). Finally, European Union has been established in 1967.

On the other hand, eastern countries have agreement to abolish all custom duties between called Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

This two agreements seems similar, but they are different essentially.

The important point is word "community". Compare to the word "agreement" of east, "community" shows member nations are relying on other nations each other, which can be seen from special measures they have made between member nations in EU. In contrast, agreements on eastern counties use word that feel distant, and this difference is not by coincidence, but came from history and culture difference of the west and the east. Reason why European countries can make economic policy with "unity" is because they have relations with other countries form ancient times. Compare to Europe, reason why Asian countries can't make policy like Europe and staying in "connected" relations is because many religions and cultures are mixed in Asia and powers are inclined to China.  


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