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Now a days, there are no countries with no laws. However, the views to laws are opposite in the west and the east. in the west, gathering people by rules are thought good, In contrast, though the laws have been established reluctantly, restricting people by rules are not favorable in the east.

For example, there is an old Chinese philosophy called leagalism, The legalism is a philosophy created by Chinese philosophers in the Age of the Warring States to restore peace. However, this is based on passive idea that peace should be made by every people following their conscience, but if it's impossible, rules should be made.

From those days, laws have negative images in the east and when China first established the laws, there were many opponents. They thought laws make people only obey to the laws, not going to think by themselves, and try to find loopholes. They think people should act based on own conscience not restricted by laws. This idea affected all east and we still have this idea. Compare to the east, laws have positive ideas in the west. They verbalize their ideals and targets to illustrate what is the best to people. So, the laws are established in many ancient west countries, and Roman laws even targeted maintaining dignity of people.

The difference of images to the laws are showing its tendency in many scenes. For example, school regulations are set very strictly and some schools even distribute a thick book of codes to their students. Compare to this, most of Japanese schools' regulations are no strict. Even the schools with only basic rules and left to students' conscience are increasing.


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