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The recognition towards the border of the atmosphere is different between East and West. These characteristics are still visible these days as well. When a western people make a border in the atmosphere, they literally make a wall between, and physically divide the area, while the eastern people notice the border of the area without a visible division.

Houses in the west are surrounded by walls and completely shut out the outer world. By going over the border, people recognize that they entered to a different atmosphere. The same thing could be said to the churches and other buildings.

On the other hand, Eastern houses are open compared to the western ones; for example, gardens connected to other areas. Although, there are cultures such as “taking off the shoe before you enter the house” is rarely seen in the western lives. This action is to notice that they entered another area, just like how the westerns go over actual borders. In addition, gates, bridges, “torii (gate to enter the Shinto shrine)” in Japan, also does not have an actual wall to divide the area. Even without having an actual wall, eastern people still notices that they are going to enter a holy area.

In summary, Eastern areas have a psychological border, while Western areas have a physical border to divide the atmosphere.


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