TOPInfluence to TodayAggresiveness of Speaking

Western people say their opinions clearly, compared to the Easterb people. They are also much aggressive to speak out as well. For example, Eastern people are said that they can not clearly say "Yes" or "No". While the Easterns respected their "hearts", the Westerns respected their "words".

Because of this, Eastern people favour to not say their opinions clearly, so that the do not make people unpleasant. This is a tendency seen a lot in the East, especially the Japanese.

On the other hand, Westerns try to insist their opinions clearly, and if any problems happens, they try to solve the problem with their "words". Therefor, drbates and trials started int he west.

These days aggressiveness of speaking out, is said that it has a deep relationship with business. For example, if there is a deal between easterns and westerns, because of the eastern's roundabout way of speaking, or the western's direct way of saying, there could be a big misunderstanding or an argument could happen between the two.  


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